roman terracotta thermometer at yabe trading
roman terracotta thermometer at yabe trading

Adorn Roman Terracotta Thermometer Sun Dial


Roman Terracotta Patio Garden Thermometer Sundial


Product Description


Beautiful addition to any patio area or garden.

Also suitable for indoor use.

Natural frost resistant terracotta.

Wee and RoHS complaint.

It is best to place your thermometer away from any windows or artificial heat sources such as boiler vents, tumble dryer vents or air conditioning units.

Typically the north face of a building gets less full sun and therefore is less effected by build up of solar heat.

The best place to mount is under an eve of a house or under a porch railing where it will get a free flow of air.

Place a hook at desired height and hang the thermometer using the hanger on the reverse of the item.

Adjust the thermometer to show the temperature using the dial on the back of the mechanism. It is important to calibrate/adjust your thermometer when you purchase it and every few months, during seasonal changes to maintain accuracy.


30 cm Square


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